Mathematik an der Universität Göttingen

Johann Pfaff (1765-1825) promovierte 1786 bei Abraham Kästner in Göttingen.



Dissertationen in Mathematik an der Universität Göttingen seit 1998

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  • Dahlbeck, Mirko:  Solution approaches for facility layout problems (Fischer)(12.01.2021)
  • Geppert, Jakob:  Adaptive Sparsification Mechanisms in Signal Recovery (Plonka-Hoch)(22.03.2021)
  • Keller, Ingeborg Marlen:  Modifications of Prony's Method for the Reconstruction of Structured Functions(Plonka-Hoch)12.04.2021)
  • Möser, Rebecca:  Automorphe Formen und L-Funktionen (Blomer)(01.03.2021)
  • Müller, Katharina:  Classical conjectures in Iwasawa theory for the split prime Z_p extension and the cyclomotic Z-p-extension (Mihailescu)(26.03.2021)

  • Becker, Benjamin:  Robuste ANOVA-Typ-Statistik in hochdimensionalen Mehrgruppendesigns (Brunner)(03.09.2020)
  • Berdellima, Arian:  Investigations in Hadamard spaces (Luke)(27.07.2020)
  • Blobel, Burkhard:  Continuous Wavelet Transformation on Homogeneous Spaces (Bahns)(11.12.2020)
  • Dehling, Malte:  Symmetric Homotopy Theory for Operads and Weak Lie 3-Algebras (Zhu)(16.11.2020)
  • Dona, Daniele:  Growth in finite groups and the Graph Isomorphism Problem (Helfgott)(17.07.2020)
  • Ewert, Eske:  Index theory and groupoids for filtered manifolds (Meyer)(26.10.2020)
  • Hansen, Nils Bahne:  Structure Theory of the Pohlmeyer-Rehren Lie Algebra and Adaptions of the Hall Algorithm to Non-Free Graded Lie Algebras (Bahns)(18.11.2020)
  • Höllwarth, Henning:  Regularized Rao-Blackwellization: An Extension of a Classical Technique with Applications to Gibbs Point Process Statistics (Schuhmacher)(03.12.2020)
  • Kaesberg, Miriam:  Two Cases of Artin's Conjecture(Brüdern)(18.12.2020)
  • Kramlinger, Peter:  Essays on Inference in Linear Mixed Models (Krivobokova)(28.04.2020)
  • Kulaitis, Gytis:  A Statistical Model of Microscope Resolution (Munk)(21.01.2020)
  • Mukherjee, Devarshi:  Topological Invariants for Non-Archimedian Bornological Algebras (Meyer)(24.09.2020)
  • Peksova, Lada:  Noncommutative structures in quantum field theory (Bahns)(22.10.2020)
  • Sicking, Thomas:  Lie Algebras and the Dimension Problem (Bartholdi)(30.11.2020)
  • Suchla, Engelbert:  L^2-invariants for self-similar CW-complexes (Schick)(07.10.2020)
  • Waibel, Gytis:  Arithmetic and analytical aspects of Siegel modular forms (Blomer)(25.06.2020)

  • Bittens, Sina Vanessa:  Sparse Fast Trigonometric Transforms (Plonka-Hoch)(13.06.2019)
  • Botte, Marco:  Facility Location in the Phylogenetic Tree Space (Schöbel)(28.02.2019)
  • Crisan, Vlad-Cristian:  The split prima u-conjecture and further topics in Iwasawa theory (Mihailescu)(04.03.2019)
  • Dehnert, Fabian:  The distribution of rational points on some prjective varieties (Brüdern)(04.03.2019)
  • Del Alamo, Miguel:  Multiscale total variation estimators for regression and inverse problems (Munk)(24.05.2019)
  • Eckhardt, Julian:  Bending Energy Regularization on Shape Spaces: A Class of Iterative Methods on Manifolds and applications to inverse obstacle problems (Hohage)(11.09.2019)
  • Hartmann, Elisa:  Coarse Cohomology with twisted Coefficients (Bartholdi)(25.02.2019)
  • Hermer, Neal:  Random Function Iterations for Stochastic Feasibility Problems (Luke)(24.01.2019)
  • Hobert, geb. Hein, Anne:  Semiparametric Estimation of Drift, Rotation and Scaling in Sparse Sequential Dynamic Imaging: Asymptotic theory and an application in nanoscale fluorescence microscopy (Munk)(29.01.2019)
  • Maretzke, Simon:  Inverse Problems in Propagation-based X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging and Tomography: Stability Analysis and Reconstruction Methods (Hohage)(04.03.2019)
  • Martins, Anna-Lena:  Local and Global Analysis of Relaxed Douglas-Rachford for Nonconvex Feasibility Problems (Luke)(19.03.2019)
  • Pätzold, Julius:  Investigating Robustness, Public Transport Optimization, and their Interface (Schöbel)(28.06.2019)
  • Parry, Tomos:  The Barban-Davenport-Halberstam Theorem for tuples of k-free numbers (Brüdern)(29.10.2019)
  • Richter, Robin:  Cartoon-Residual Image Decompositions with Application in Fingerprint Recognition (Huckemann)(06.11.2019)
  • Schiewe, Alexander:  Integrated Algorithms for Cost-Optimal Public Transport Planning (Schöbel)(28.02.2019)
  • Schneider, Laura Fee:  Discrete Parameter Estimation for Rare Events: From Binomial to Extreme Value Distributions (Krajina)(26.04.2019)
  • Schrieber, Jörn:  Algorithms for Optimal Transport and Wasserstein Distances (Schuhmacher)(14.02.2019)
  • Schroeder, Philipp William:  Robustness of High-Order Divergence-Free Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Computational Fluid Dynamics (Lube)(01.03.2019)
  • Seyed Hosseini, Mehran:  Index Theory and Positive Scalar Curvature (Schick)(14.11.2019)
  • Simayi, Yusufu:  Convergence rates for variational regularization of inverse problems in exponential families (Hohage)(12.09.2019)
  • Spratte, Robin:  Paradifferential Operators and Conormal Distributions (Witt)(28.10.2019)
  • Sprung, Benjamin:  Convergence rates for variational regularization of statistical inverse problems (Hohage)(04.10.2019)
  • Stampfer, Kilian:  The Generalized Operator Based Prony Method (Plonka-Hoch)(17.01.2019)
  • Weidling, Frederic:  Variational Source Conditions and Conditional Stability Estimates for Inverse Problems in PDEs (Hohage)(11.03.2019)

  • Arabidze, Georgi:  Groupoids in categories with partial covers (Meyer)(15.10.2018)
  • Brugger, Rahel:  Characters on infinite groups and rigidity (Schick)(07.02.2018)
  • Budinich, Renato:  Adaptive Multiscale Methods for Sparse Image Representation and Dictionary Learning (Plonka-Hoch)(23.11.2018)
  • Fabre Sehnem, Camila:  On C*-algebras associated to product systems (Meyer)(04.05.2018)
  • Feng, Joe-Mei:  Compressed Sensing and Quantization (Krahmer)(12.02.2018)
  • Groth, Thorsten:  Equations in Self-Similar Groups (Bartholdi)(06.02.2018)
  • Häußer, Christoph:  An extended large sieve for Maaß cusp forms(Blomer)(29.08.2018)
  • König, Claudia:  Multiscale Scanning in Higher Dimensions: Limit theory, statistical consequences and an application in STED microscopy (Werner)(26.06.2018)
  • Krüger, Corinna:  On Minmax Robustness for Multiobjective Optimization with Decision or Parameter (Schöbel)(29.03.2018)
  • Krüger, Matthias:  On the Cauchy problem for a class of degenerate hyperbolic equations (Witt)(18.05.2018)
  • Lessel, Bernadette:  Shape space in terms of Wasserstein geometry and applications to quantum physics (Schick)(28.06.2018)
  • Luckhardt, Daniel:  Benjamini-Schramm Convergence of Normalized Characteristic Numbers of Riemannian Manifolds (Schick)(05.06.2018)
  • Maslovaric, Marcel Helmut: Variational Geometric Invariant Theory and Moduli of Quiver Sheaves (Seppänen)(18.01.2018)
  • Merz, Georg:  On Newton-Okounkov Bodies, linear Series and Positivity (Seppänen)(08.03.2018)
  • Naarmann, Simon: A Mayer-Vietors Spectral Sequence for C*-Algebras and Coarse Geometry (Schick)(10.09.2018)
  • Nitsche, Martin: New topological and index theoretical methods to study the geometry of manifolds (Schick)(06.02.2018)
  • Pustelnik, Kolja:  Bedingungsfaktoren für den erfolgreichen Übergang von Schule zu Hochschule (Halverscheid)(28.09.2018)
  • Raymond, Robin: Generalized Seiberg-Witten and the Nahm Transform (Pidstrygach)(24.01.2018)
  • Schiewe, geb. Gattermann, Philine Friederike:  Integrated Optimization in Public Transport Planning (Schöbel)(13.12.2018)
  • Tameling, Carla:  Empirical optimal transport on discrete spaces: Limit theorems, distributional bounds and applications (Munk)(11.12.2018)
  • Thom, Lisa:  Solution Methods for Multi-Objective Robust Combinatorial Optimization (Schöbel)(19.04.2018)

  • Behr, Merle: Finite Alphabet Blind Separation (Munk)(06.12.2017)
  • Behrends, Sönke:  Geometric and algebraic approaches to mixed-integer polynomial optimization using sos programming (Schöbel)(23.10.2017)
  • Bös, Friedrich:  Origami Cylinders (Wardetzky)(06.07.2017)
  • Diehn, Manuel: Inference in inhomogeneous hidden Markov models with application to ion channel data (Munk)(01.11.2017)
  • Guo, Qinghai:  Multiscale Change-point Segmentation: Beyond Step Functions (Munk)(03.02.2017)
  • James, David:  On two Random Models in Data Analysis (Krahmer)(12.01.2017)
  • Kück, Fabian:  Convergence Rates in Dynamic Network Models (Schuhmacher)(04.09.2017)
  • Mach, Tibor:  Dualities and genealogies in stochastic population models (Sturm)(20.12.2017)
  • Nadeem, Aamir:  On Localization and Multiscale in Data Assimilation (Potthast, Lube)(22.05.2017)
  • Nguyen, Hieu Thao:  Algorithms for structured nonconvex optimization: theory and practice (Luke)(17.10.2017)
  • Nguyen, Thai Ngoc:  Radiation conditions for periodic potentials (Witt)(27.01.2017)
  • Pein, Florian:  Heterogeneous Multiscale Change-Point Inference and its Application to Ion Channel Recordings (Munk)(20.10.2017)
  • Pototskaia, Vlada:  Application of AAK Theory for Sparse Approximation (Plonka-Hoch)(16.10.2017)
  • Sageman-Furnas, Andrew O.:  A theory of discrete parametrized surfaces in R (Wardetzky)(19.10.2017)
  • Schomburg, Helen:  New Algorithms for Local and Global Fiber Tractography in Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Hohage)(29.09.2017)
  • Sommerfeld, Max:  Wasserstein Distance on finite Space: Statistical Inference and Algorithms (Munk)(18.10.2017)
  • Tergiakidis, Ilias:  Local invariants of four-dimensional Riemannian manifolds and their application to the Ricci flow (Pidstrygach)(28.09.2017)

  • Bathke, Arne:  Die Hoeffding-Zerlegung in Linearen Modellen (ps), (Denker)
  • Besold, Paul:  Solutions to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations as Elements of Tensor Product Spaces (ps), (Hering)
  • Demir, Selcuk:  On the Representation Theory of Automorphism Group of Homogeneous Bruhat-Tits Trees, (Stuhler)
  • Franke, Brice:  Heat Content Inequalities for Diffusions on Manifolds, (Denker)
  • Imai, Atsushi:  Pentakun, the mod 5 Markov chain and a Martin boundary (ps), (Denker)
  • Koch, Susanne:  Konstruktion eines Poissonrandes fr Halbgruppen (ps), (Denker)
  • Müller, Armin: Stochastische parabolische partielle Differentialgleichungen und optimale Impulskontrolle (ps), (Hering)
  • Müller, Lars:  Finite element solution of some time-dependent problems using a non-overlapping domain decomposition method, (Lube)
  • Omar, Adel Mohamed Mahmoud:  Prediction intervals for future ordered observations in doubly type-II censored samples from a two parameter exponential distribution, (Krengel)
  • Roy, Mario:  On Gibbs Families for Fibrewise Expansive Systems, (Denker)
  • Schormann, Christoph:  Analytische und numerische Untersuchungen bei inversen Transmissionsproblemen zur zeitharmonischen Wellengleichung, (Kreß)
  • Schreiber, Anja:  Die Methode von Smolyak bei der multivariaten Interpolation, (Schaback)

  • Blum, Andreas:  Geometrie elliptischer Moduln und elliptischer Garben, (Stuhler)
  • Gerlach, Thomas:  Die Streuung zeitharmonischer elektromagnetischer Wellen an chiralen Medien, (Kreß)
  • Keßeböhmer, Marc:  Multifraktale und Asymptotiken großer Deviationen, (Denker)
  • Otto, Frank-Christian:  A non-overlapping domain decomposition method for elliptic equations, (Lube)
  • Schwarzwäller, Wolfgang:  Eigenschaften der Filtrationen Brownscher Bewegungen auf Mannigfaltigkeiten, (Hering)
  • Segal, Joel:  Pointwise Conjugate Groups and Modules over the Steenrod Algebra, (Smith)

  • Afaneh, Amineh:  Zopfgruppenoperatoren auf Quantengruppen, (tom Dieck)
  • Franke, Carsten:  Hermite-Birkhoff-Interpolation mit radialen Basisfunktionen in gewichteten Sobolew-Räumen mit Anwendung auf partielle Differentialgleichungen, (Schaback)
  • Reinhard Häring-Oldenburg:  Birmann-Murakami-Wenzl Algebren des Coxeter Typs B (tom Dieck)
  • Hamann, Annette:  Methoden zur Stabilisierung von Dimensionsschätzungen, (Denker)
  • Hartmann, Sandro:  Multilevel-Fehlerabschätzung bei der Interpolation mit radialen Basisfunktionen, (Schaback)
  • Luh, Lin-Tian:  Characterizations of Native Spaces, (Schaback)
  • Meyer, Sascha:  Analytische und numerische Untersuchungen eines inversen Randwertproblems fr die Oseen-Gleichung, (Kreß)
  • Pralle, Lars: Mehrstichproben-Statistiken unter Störungen, (Denker)